Friday, August 3, 2012

Program updates and changes

The plotPost() function, which plots histograms of MCMC chains annotated with HDI and other info, was changed a few weeks ago. plotPost() now returns summary information about the chain instead of summary information about the histogram.  A reader caught a conflict this caused in the program BernMetropolisTemplate.R, which has now been changed to accommodate the new plotPost(). The new programs can be found at the usual site: zip file with all the programs has also been updated. Please let me know right away if you find other programs that have conflicts with the new plotPost(). Greatly appreciated!


  1. i am having issues with plotPost... please find the code below. i have tried directly running/ sourcing the code before using bermetropolis, Filconjags, etc...

    actually it won't let me- it thinks it is html code.

  2. Hi. Sorry for your frustration but a solution is simple. First, make sure that plotPost.R is in the same folder as your other DBDA programs from the book. Second, make sure that R or RStudio has that folder as its working directory. r will not be able to find plotPost otherwise.

  3. Thank you!

    They were in the same folder... =)

    I had the old folder set as WD previously (I set it as such was back a few months ago)....? But I do know, in my exhaustion, I did not do set it as such when I deleted the old and put the new one in the middle of the night. I am not sure what happened before (my error was slightly different the first several times).

    It is working on correctly now. Thank you. =)