Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review in Journal of Mathematical Psychology

After a few hundred words of criticism in his recent review in the Journal of Mathematical Psychology*, Michael Smithson concludes:
"All said and done, the criticisms I have raised here are relatively minor. This is the best introductory textbook on Bayesian MCMC techniques I have read, and the most suitable for psychology students. It fills a gap I described in my recent review of six other introductory Bayesian method texts (Smithson, 2010). I look forward to using it in my own teaching, and I recommend it to anyone wishing to introduce graduate or advanced undergraduate students to the emerging Bayesian revolution."

Thank you, Michael!

* Smithson, M. (in press). Book Review. Journal of Mathematical Psychology. doi:10.1016/

Smithson, M. (2010). A review of six introductory texts on Bayesian methods.
Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 35, 371–374.

P.S. Michael comments about teaching non-Bayesian data analysis on his blog.

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