Thursday, October 20, 2011

Automatic conversion to JAGS from BRugs

[The programs are now all available in JAGS, so you don't need to use this translator any more. See the more recent blog post.]

Fantastic contribution from Thomas G. Smith:
FakeBRugs - Pretend that rjags is BRugs
This tiny library of functions is enough to get you through many of the examples in Dr. John Kruschke's book, Doing Bayesian Data Analysis. The functions translate from the BRugs calls used in the book, to rjags calls that work on Unix-y environments. This is not a complete translation layer!!! It's just enough to do most of the things the book asks you to do!
See complete info at
Many thanks to Thomas!


  1. This is a very useful library. I normally use Macs. I installed boot camp on my iMac just to run R with BRugs on Windows Vista. It was a nightmare as the program crashed so frequently that I could not use it.

    As of December 27, 2011 there is a bit of trouble installing JAGS on a Mac, but see
    for a solution.

    I have not tried everything in the examples, but this solution worked for the case I was most interested in.

  2. Hi Greg.

    I'm in the process of converting all the programs to JAGS. When I have a critical mass ready for release, I'll post a message.

    Thanks for the link to Plummer's JAGS blog regarding installation on a Mac.