Monday, August 16, 2021

Bayesian Analysis Reporting Guidelines

Just published (open access) in Nature Human Behaviour:

Bayesian Analysis Reporting Guidelines

Abstract: Previous surveys of the literature have shown that reports of statistical analyses often lack important information, causing lack of transparency and failure of reproducibility. Editors and authors agree that guidelines for reporting should be encouraged. This Review presents a set of Bayesian analysis reporting guidelines (BARG). The BARG encompass the features of previous guidelines, while including many additional details for contemporary Bayesian analyses, with explanations. An extensive example of applying the BARG is presented. The BARG should be useful to researchers, authors, reviewers, editors, educators and students. Utilization, endorsement and promotion of the BARG may improve the quality, transparency and reproducibility of Bayesian analyses.

The open access article is available at

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Citation: Kruschke, J.K. Bayesian Analysis Reporting Guidelines. Nat Hum Behav (2021).

(In the original version of the manuscript, I made a few puns involving BARG and BORG. The final published version retained only one allusion to the BORG: "The BARG have assimilated many previous checklists...")

Update: See also the blog post at Nature.