Monday, September 28, 2020

Fixing a new problem in some DBDA2E scripts caused by a change in R 4.0.0

UPDATE: Scripts are now changed to work with R 4.1; see this blog post

The scripts that accompany DBDA2E have worked fine, "out of the box," for years. But recently some scripts have had problems. Why? R has changed. With R 4.0.0, various functions such as read.csv() no longer automatically convert strings to factors. Some DBDA2E scripts assumed the results of those functions contained factors, but if you're now using R 4.0.0 (or more recent) those scripts will balk. 

So, what to do? Here's a temporary fix. When you open your R session, type in this global option:

options(stringsAsFactors = TRUE)

Unfortunately this option will eventually be deprecated. I'll have to modify every affected script and post updated versions. This will happen someday. I hope.

Why did R change? You can read about it here:

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