Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Doing Bayesian data analysis again at Bernoulli's grave

The 2nd Edition of the book visited the grave of Jacob Bernoulli (1655-1705) in Basel, Switzerland. Jacob Bernoulli pre-dated Bayes (1701-1761), of course, but Bernoulli established foundational concepts and theorems of probability. The photos below were taken by Marc Sager, who is a student at the University of St. Gallen (where I give a workshop in the summers). Thanks, Marc!

The 1st Edition also visited Bernoulli, as was blogged here. The 1st Edition also visited Bayes tomb and the remains of R. A. Fisher. The book is still waiting to visit Laplace!

If you pose the book with other famous Bayesians, or pre-Bayesians, or anti-Bayesians, either dead or not-quite-yet dead, please send me those photos too! (The goal is to be amusing and informative, not offensive.) Thanks, and have fun!


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