Friday, August 2, 2013

Near Paris? Snap a shot of the book with Laplace. Or pose it with other Bayesians.

The book previously has been posed at Bayes' tomb, Fisher's remains, and Jacob Bernoulli's grave (in an attempt to be amusing and informative; hopefully not inadvertently being offensive). Conspicuously absent from that list is Pierre-Simon Lapace, who was the foundational developer of Bayesian methods. If you are in or near Paris, and would have fun posing the book at Laplace's grave, please do so and send me a photo! If you're among the first responders, I'll post the photo, with attribution to you, on the blog. Information about the location of Laplace's grave can be found here, with a map here.

If you pose the book with other famous Bayesians, or pre-Bayesians, or anti-Bayesians, either dead or not-quite-yet dead, please send me those photos too! (Again, the goal is to be amusing and informative, not offensive.) Thanks, and have fun!


  1. That's going to be a bit difficult. In 1888 Laplace was moved to Beaumont in Auge on the West Coast of France. There is a statue to him in the town square. It's about 80 miles from Paris and not on any rail line.

  2. Right, thanks for the comment to notify folks. So I guess that means the links in the original post are wrong (?) or just refer to the previous grave...

  3. Yes, he was buried first among the famous in Paris in Pere Lachaise. But, the the family wanted him with his his wife, daughter and son in his native Calvados. The monument was moved to Beaumont-en-Auge as well.