Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Doing Bayesian Data Analysis at Jacob Bernoulli's grave

The book visited the grave of Jacob Bernoulli (1655-1705) in Basel, Switzerland, as shown in these photos taken by Dr. Benjamin Scheibehenne. Jacob Bernoulli pre-dated Bayes (1701-1761), of course, but Bernoulli established foundational concepts and theorems of probability.

The cutie admiring the book in the first photo is Benjamin's daughter. Many thanks to Benjamin and family for venturing out to take these photos. Thanks also to Benjamin and colleagues for hosting my visit to Basel for a day back in June, during which we unfortunately did not have time to visit Jacob Bernoulli's grave.

If you find this amusing, you might also like the book at Bayes' tomb and the book at R. A. Fisher's remains.

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  1. Taken from Wikipedia after searching for the latín quote: "Jacob Bernoulli wanted a Logarithmic spiral engraved on his headstone along with the phrase "Eadem mutata resurgo" ("Although changed, I shall arise the same."), but, by error, an Archimedean spiral was placed there" instead